The waste-to-energy plant in numbers

565,000 tonnes of wastes processed fromwaste-to-energy.

352,000 MWh of electric energy distributed over the network, equal to the consumption of 175,000 families of three people .

122,000 MWh of heat for district heating produced, equal to 9,300 average homes heated.

65,000 TOE of traditional combustible saved.

The Turin plant for circular economy

The Turin waste-to-energy plant is a plant for the disposal of non-recovera-ble waste, that enhances the energy contained within, producing electricity and heat, without having to rely on using raw materials, therefore contribu-ting to protecting the environment, in a view of circular economy.

The waste-to-energy process

A total and constant control

The plant is equipped with instruments able to monitor and analyse the flue gases already present in the boiler during the treatment phase as well as in the chimney, where the verification takes place in compliance of emission limits: those that the current Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale (AIA), the environmental integrated authorisation, has imposed to TRM Iren Group are, for most of the parameters, more stringent than those provided for by national regulation (D. Lgs. 152/06).

A plant at the service of the territory

From the design phase, the plant was created as an infrastructure inte-grated in the territory and included in the local community in which it is installed, first through the attention in the aesthetic lines: the design, en-trusted to Stile Bertone, was able to combine architectural quality with a high technological content in the plant, in the greatest respect of the surrounding setting.

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