Regulatory References

Emission control is regulated by:

  • by current environmental legislation, and in particular by Legislative Decree 152/2006, also known as the Consolidated Environmental Act, and its subsequent amendments and additions;
  • by Executive Resolution No. 353-28635/2018 dated 28/11/2018, a review procedure valid as a TRM’s renewal of its Integrated Environmental Authorisation (IEA), issued by the Metropolitan City of Turin.

Legislative Decree 152/06 establishes the guidelines for environmental protection and in particular states that “The authorisation establishes, regarding the monitoring of emissions for which the operator is responsible, the carrying out of periodic measurements based on periodic methods or the use of monitoring systems based on continuous methods. The operator shall carry out the checks for which it is responsible according to the monitoring systems and methods specified in the authorisation and shall make the results available to the competent authority for review in the manner provided for in Annex VI, Part Five of this Decree and in accordance with the requirements established in the authorisation […]”[1].

In addition to the application of the provisions of Legislative Decree 152/06, it is therefore necessary to refer to AIA, which specifically sets out the parameters to sample, the sampling methods (continuous and periodic), the emission limits and the requirements for making the results available to the competent authorities (the Metropolitan City of Turin and ARPA).

The AIA introduces, in addition to the measurements provided for by the regulations and compared to the limits imposed (the so-called “fiscal” measurements) a series of exploratory measurements.


[1] Legislative Decree 152/06 article 271 paragraph 18