Clicking on the green buttons will show the emission values, expressed as a daily average, of the continuously monitored parameters from the past 7 days: Total organic carbon (TOC), Carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Sulphur oxides (SO2), Hydrofluoric acid (HF), Hydrochloric acid (HCl), Total dusts and Ammonia (NH3).
The calendar lets you view the emission values of the same parameters for the previous days, again within a 7-day period. In this case, the limit is not represented by a green line but is explained in the pop-up that appears when hovering over the day of interest.
This is because from 13 October 2015, in compliance with the provisions of the AIA the emissions limits of all the lines have been progressively modified, in many cases becoming stricter than those of the initial phase.