Code of Ethics and Articles of Association

The Articles of Association governs the organisation and operation of the company.

Articles of Association

TRM’s Code of Ethics  is the tool that defines the set of ethical values and responsibilities of the Company.

The Code of Ethics also identifies the rules of conduct that must guide the management and internal and external relations. The observance of the Code of Ethics also allows to prevent the risk of committing the crimes mentioned in D.Lgs. 231/2001, within the specific activities carried out by the Group. The observance of the contents of the Code of Ethics by all those who work for Iren is of fundamental importance for the good functioning, reliability and reputation of the Company.

Iren’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department has the role of promoting the knowledge, dissemination, and ensuring the updating, interpretation and implementation of the provisions of the Code of Ethics.

Iren establishes the criteria and procedures to reduce the risk of violations of the Code of Ethics, promotes and verifies the knowledge and implementation of the Code and ensures the verification of any news of violation of the Code, the evaluation of the facts and the application of appropriate sanctions.


Whenever a person who is subject to the observance of the Code of Ethics becomes aware, due to the functions carried out, of violations, even potential ones, of the Code of Ethics itself, he/she must promptly report them in detail, even anonymously, to Iren s Supervisory Body or to his/her superiors or to Iren’s Internal Audit and Compliance Department.

Reports to the Supervisory Board, based on precise and circumstantial facts, may be made:

  • through a specific e-mail box accessible only to the members of Iren’s Supervisory Body at the following address ;
  • by means of a letter addressed to the Chairman of Iren’s Supervisory Body, to be sent to the Company’s registered office.

The reports to the Internal Audit and Compliance Department of Iren can be made by email to the address

These channels are able to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter in the management of the report.

If the report is sent to the supervisor, the supervisor must report to the Group Internal Audit and Compliance Department.

If the report is sent to the Internal Audit and Compliance Department of Iren, the Director of the latter will carry out a specific investigation, the results of which will be the subject of a report to the President, Vice President and CEO of Iren and, if applicable, to the Supervisory Body of Iren, each for the measures for which they are responsible.

In any case, Iren and the Supervisory Body will ensure that those who have made the reports are not subject to retaliation, discrimination or, in any case, penalisation, whether direct or indirect, for reasons connected, directly or indirectly, to the report, thus guaranteeing the appropriate confidentiality of these individuals.