26 June 2018

Great success for the TRM’s Open Day

Also this year, there was a large participation for the Open Day of  the Turin waste-to-energy plant, in collaboration with Amiat Gruppo Iren. More than 250 citizens have visited the plant on 9 june and have learned more about the integrated waste cycl …

4 May 2018

The Turin Waste to Energy Plant: a national excellence

On may 3rd, the 8 o’clock  newscast of RAI 1 has broadcast  the Turin waste-to-energy plant showing as a national example about the proper waste management. In fact this plant burns the municipal waste leftover from separate collection and recovers ene …

15 March 2018

Waste: a resource to invest in

According to EU directives, in a virtuous system, any waste leftover from separate waste collection must be sent to waste-to-energy plants in order to harness its energy and to avoid landfill. The waste-to-energy plant is therefore complementary to sep …

31 January 2018

Emission Release

Yesterday an electrical instrumental anomaly to the control system of Line 3 (DCS) caused a brief irregularity about the combustion of waste, which caused the excess of two half hour averages and, consequently, the excess of the daily average limit of …

5 November 2017

Visit the Turin Waste to Energy Plant

Saturday 11 November it will be possible to visit the Turin waste-to-energy plant and find out more details on the waste cycle and on the energy recovery of the non-recoverable residue. The visit is free until seats. If you are interested, writing an e …

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