15 June 2021

On 10 June, in the framework of the Digital Green Weeks organised by Ecomondo, a webinar was held dedicated to TRM and, in particular, to the monitoring system SPoTT (Surveillance on the health of the population near the Turin waste-to-energy plant), organised in agreement with the Metropolitan City of Turin, ASL and Arpa, titled “The relationship between a waste-to-energy plant and the territory. The Turin experience: between dialogue and environmental monitoring”.

The event, hosted by Fabrizio Passarini of the University of Bologna and a Member of the Scientific Committee of Ecomondo, was introduced by Iren Ambiente and Amiat’s Chairman, Christian Aimaro, with a contribution from TRM’s Chairwoman, Mariella Maffini, who described the authorisation process and the characteristics of the Gerbido plant.

Other speakers were Barbara Azzarà, President of the Local Committee for the Monitoring of the Turin waste-to-energy plant and Delegated Councillor for the Environment of the Metropolitan City of Turin, who illustrated the role of the Committee, Alessandro Bertello, from the Water Resources and Air Protection Department of the Metropolitan City of Turin, who spoke about environmental authorisations and monitoring, and Cristiana Ivaldi, from ARPA Piemonte and Coordinator of the SPoTT Programme, who provided data regarding the monitoring of citizens’ health.

In closing, Antonella Bena, DoRS ASL To3, SPoTT Communication Line Manager, illustrated the characteristics of the communication plan for the project.

The Digital Green Weeks represent the 5 stages of a virtuous path designed by Ecomondo to guide the green economy community towards a new eco-friendly transition in anticipation of the 2021 in-person edition of the expo dedicated to the circular economy that will be held from 26 to 29 October in Rimini.

Click here to watch a video recording of the webinar.