28 March 2024

TRM SpA obtained the re-examination measure, with validity of renewal, of the IPPC Permit  (Managerial Determination no. 7973 of 4/12/2023) to close the procedure pursuant to the relevant regulations in force (Art. 29 octies of Legislative Decree no. 152/2006). This measure replaces the previous one in its entirety.
TRM’s Permit was renewed following the EU Commission’s Decision No. 2019/2010 establishing Best Available Techniques (BAT) conclusions for waste incineration, pursuant to Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. In this regard, we report an excerpt from the Authorization that highlights the plant’s compliance with BAT:
[…] On the basis of the conclusions of the technical investigation, the installation in question can be considered to comply with the requirements of legislative decree no. 152/06 for the integrated reduction and prevention of pollution, and in particular the techniques used by the operator in carrying out its activities are compatible with the best available techniques for the production sector under consideration, techniques that have the potential to allow compliance with the associated emission limit values. […] The complete document is available on the page dedicated to authorisations.