28 March 2024

On Saturday 25 March, almost 700 people, including adults and children, visited the waste-to-energy plant in Turin, in the first open day after the stop imposed by the pandemic. This resulted in an unprecedented result, which had already become apparent in the previous days, when the available seats were sold out in a very short time, despite the substantial increase in capacity – more than double – compared to previous occasions.

From early morning until late afternoon, dozens of citizens of all ages were first able to listen to an illustration of the context related to the world of waste management and to the plant directly from TRM’s top management, Chairman Alessandro Battaglino and Managing Director Giusy Di Bartolo, and – later – to see the waste-to-energy plant “from the inside”, accompanied by technicians and specialists from the Iren Group company.

The success of the open day also bears witness to the great interest in environmental issues among the population, who have the opportunity to learn more about them, with the aim of understanding more and being informed without preconceptions.