3 May 2021

The air quality data emerging from the “Aldo Mei” monitoring station in Beinasco are once again similar to those of stations located in other urban contexts: this is what emerges from the Summary Report on the data produced by the air quality monitoring station located in the Municipality of Beinasco – Giardino Pubblico Aldo Mei – near the waste-to-energy plant. As always, the document was prepared by ARPA Piemonte and is available on its website.

The conclusions show that the plant’s operation in 2020 did not affect the air quality in the area where the waste-to-energy plant is located and, indirectly, demonstrate that it continues to be operated in full compliance with regulatory constraints and in accordance with the values associated with environmental sustainability.

The conclusions of the study show, inter alia, that

[…] […] as the long-term data series has already shown, the Beinasco – Aldo Mei station generally has values similar to those found at the urban background stations in the provincial monitoring network […]

For further information, please visit the Arpa Piemonte website under the section on waste to energy plant.