8 July 2021

Available for everyone on the Trm website

It is possible to visit the Turin waste-to-energy plant from anywhere in the world and with any device without having to visit the plant in person, thanks to the new virtual tour available on this website.

This is a true video experience of the plant: an immersive virtual tour designed as a video that leads viewers to explore the surrounding environment at 360°. A guiding voice recording describes the waste-to-energy process and thus promotes understanding of what is displayed with a high degree of involvement very similar to an in-person tour.

The virtual tour also allows access to areas typically closed to visitors for safety reasons: the public can visually approach the combustion grates, enter the turbine room or the district heating building.

The new product, made with the help of 360° cameras mounted on drones or directly controlled by the plant manager who leads the tour, will be a valuable support for in-depth analysis even when, after the pandemic, visits in person will resume.

The virtual experience is also enriched by extra content: eight short films, each dedicated to a significant portion of the waste-to-energy process, made with the direct involvement of some of the technicians working at the plant and providing in-depth technical information on waste-to-energy technologies in a simple and understandable way.

All videos can be viewed from both desktop and mobile devices.

TRM has always paid great care and attention to communication to inform citizens in a simple, clear and transparent way about the operation of the plant and how important it is for closing the waste cycle,” Says Mariella Maffini, President of TRM Gruppo Iren. “This video, shot with the support of new filming technologies, makes it possible to show, for the first time, all the areas that are usually closed to the public during tours of the plant for safety reasons. The various phases related to the management of the plant and the incineration of waste are explained by the women and men who work daily there to ensure the smooth running of the plant and whom I thank.”