28 March 2024

” […] As the historical data series has already shown, the Beinasco – Aldo Mei station generally presents values similar to those measured at the urban background stations of the provincial monitoring network. In particular, even in 2022, the values found are on average comparable with those of the urban background station in Turin Lingotto […]”.
This is the most significant summary of the conclusions of the Summary Report on the data produced by the air quality monitoring station located near the waste-to-energy plant (in the Municipality of Beinasco, inside the Aldo Mei Public Garden) regarding the 2022 trend.
The trend has been the same for many years: the data show that the plant’s location has not compromised the surrounding environment, and the values measured tend to be comparable with those of plants located in areas with similar characteristics.
To read and/or download the entire document you can access the ARPA Piedmont website in the dedicated section.