14 January 2020

2019 comes to a close with a total of almost 5000 visitors to the Turin waste-to-energy plant, demonstrating the constant interest and curiosity in a plant that represents the only one of its kind in the Piedmont region.

The majority of participants are school pupils of all types and levels, from across the wider metropolitan area. A new feature for this academic year was the trial of a specific tour of the waste-to-energy plant for small children completing the last year of nursery school, including activities and language specially adapted for their age group.

Higher-learning institutions also renewed their interest, with professors from the Politecnico di Torino university and the University of Turin frequently requesting visits for their students.

As in previous years, there were also visits by international institutions and delegations, wishing to study the model adopted in Turin.

Finally, the success of the open-days initiative continues: these events, dedicated to citizens, were full on every occasion and often registration was closed early due to availability running out before the deadline.